Daily oat bran secret ingredient


Throughout the Dukan Diet you can enjoy a carbohydrate respite in the form of a tablespoon of oat bran every day.
Oat bran is rich in sugars and protein, but its benefit lies in the high levels of soluble fibre, which absorbs water in the gut, swelling up to 20 times its size.
This helps you feel full and satisfied. It is also great for heart health and eases constipation (which can affect people in the early stages of the diet).
But once digested, it attracts fat molecules, sugars and toxins, and carries them out of the body before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Every day , take 2 tablespoon of oat bran + 1 tablespoon of wheat bran 

 Where to find oat bran and wheat bran?

In all the Whole Food cereals self-service :

The best way to eat it ?

Cook it in the Dukan Pancake :

Ingredients :

* Oat Bran, 1 tbsp
* Wheat bran, 2 tbsp
* Milk, nonfat, 6 tbsp (or, 1 tbsp of non fat, non sweet yoghurt.)
* Egg, fresh, 1 large  (or just egg white)
* Splenda Suga,r 0.5 tsp    ----- ( if you want to make a sweet version...)
* Vanilla Extract, 0.5 tsp 

Mix everything in a bowl and cook it like a pancake.
My tip instead of pourring oil and whipping it with a tissue is to use a cooking olive oil spray.

You can also cook it in a vanilla porridge :