Desserts Recipes ( PP and PL)

Chocolate oat bran muffins

Being on a diet does not mean you have to deprive yourself of little pleasures. Just check out these tasty muffins...

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated time:
40 minutes Clock icon 
Servings: 6

Ingredients :

Baking powder11g sachet
Cocoa powder60g (low fat) (Hershew is a good one, non fat and unsweetened )

Liquid sweetener150g sugar equivalent
Oat bran 4 table spoons
Skimmed milk one glass
Wheat bran 2 tablespoons


1 Mix all the ingredients
2 Oil the muffin tins and wipe the excess off
3 Cook for 25 - 30 minutes at thermostat 6

Oat bran cookies

Quick and easy snack. These cookies are great for satisfying cravings as well as fulfilling your daily bran needs.

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated time:
20 minutes Clock icon
Servings: 6


 Baking powder 1 table spoon
 Oat bran3 table spoons
 Sweetener 1 table spoon
 Yoghurt 2-3 table spoons


Pre-heat the oven to 180C
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl into a thick and smooth mass.
Pour the mixture into a baking tray or muffin form
Bake the mass for about 15minutes at 180C

Strawberry orange rolls (PP)

For 1 person: 

Prepare the Jelly : in 100 ml of warm water add one small spoon of agar-agar and a small spoon of strawberry aroma. 3 drops or red coloring and 4 tbsp of sweetener ( use a cooking one) in a soup plate. Reserve in fridge.

Prepare the sponge cake : mix the 3 yolks with half a yeast small pack, 2 tbsp corn starch, 5 tbps sweetner et 1 tbsp vanilla aroma. 
Mix everything and start  you oven; Incorporate 3 whipped eggwhites.  Spread this pastry in a rectangle non stick oven dish of 30×40 cm  and put half high in the oven during 5 minutes at 300 F.
Cut the sponge cake into 8 bandages in the large. Apply the jelly on the 3/4 of it. Roll while pushing the excess of jelly toward the extremity of sponge cake that doesn't have.
Same for orange roll. Change the aroma. Mix 6 red drops and one yellow coloring to obtain orange color. 

am cooking quick things as Meringues. (whipped egg-whites with sweeteners cooked in the oven)

The secret is to whip your egg whites in a pot put in boiling water; Also it is important to put the sweetener at the end and to leave the oven open while cooking them.... Then you got some crispy meringues that you can eat as much as you like ( Don't forget that eggs are the only "pure proteins" product that exist !
You can then add some colouring and flavor you like :


Chocolate-tofu flan :

I buy some organic silky tofu ( the soft one, is more creamy and so better for dessert).
Add a spoon of corn starch, a spoon of cocoa powed ( no fat, non sweet ) and I cover  the preparation with sweetener  (I use Truvia powder , but most of the French women use liquid aspartam for cooking). Mix with electric mixer. I put the all thing in a cooking pot ( don't take too large so your flan will have some deepness , yummy !)  in the oven for about 30 to 40 minutes at about 350 ° F. ( 200°C)
Then let it get cold and put it in the fridge for a while. Enjoy !

( I  added some vanilla aroma and hazelnut aroma drops : yummy  !)

If you want a real "flan" texture ( more jelly) boil the mixed preparation in a pot with some agar-agar before cooking it.

If you want a nice presentation of this dish, you should remove it from the mould in a nice plate when still warm...

  Dukan lemon american cheesecake :

For that I use non fat ricotta and fat free philly cheese and 0% yoghurt that I leave one night in a colander ( to avoid the water of the cheese, that ruins the cooking !) then I mix it with  two or three eggs ( with a furk not an electric mixer because the ricotta is a bit granular ( to avoid the granular effect, either change the cheese for another or leave it really long in the oven at small temperature) lemon aroma drops and sweeteners ( I use 6 to 8 packets of Truvia)
Then I cook in the oven for about 45 min to one hour in a double boiler ( that avoids the water !) ( the lemon smell that comes out ..! mmmh !)
and leave it in the fridge for the night.

my favorite.

You can even recreate the crust with oat bran

Another recipe of cheesecake :

Put 600 g of "fromage blanc" ( solid yoghurt 0%) in a colander for the night with absorbing paper in the top. Whipp the white of 3 eggs + a  pinch of salt ( put in the fridge)

Mix 3 tbspoon of power milk (non fat non sweet) until it is smooth. Mix with an electric mixer one yolk with 3 tbspoon of liquid sweetener to cook, 2 spoons of vanilla aroma (or lemon ) , 2 tbsp corn starch and 2 tbsp of yeast and then add the first mix of milk. Mix until it gets whiter.

Add 400 gramms of the yoghurt from the colander and electric mix.
Then incorporate delicately without breaking them the whipped egg whites.

Put in a silicone pot.

Cook approx. 45 min at 160° C ( 200° F) double- boiling ( = in a pot full of water)

Once cooked, let it in the oven with the door open.

Take the cheesecake out of it silicone pot and put it in the fridge on absorbing paper.

Eat cold:

(Pic taken from Duduche blog)


"home -made minute raspberry ice-cream" 
Mix some yoghurt with power milk, coloring, aroma, and sweetener  : it is great !

  "DUDUTELLA" that replaces the Nutella :

  • 1tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp powder milk
  • 1 small spoon liquid sweetener
  • Hazelnut arome
  • 1yolk
 Mix everything, sweetener and aroma last and leave it in the fridge for a while.
A good substitute if you really are craving for Nutella. You can toast it on a Dukan Pancake !